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"ONLINE SERVICE CENTER" was created in May of 2011.

This is a place where we provide a good work with all kinds of technology equipment. You can always see the friendly staff and the highest quality of service as being the first wide Online Service Center in Azerbaijan. Therewith, this centre will turn to the successful online area in Azerbaijan. First time, the company began to work with computer service. Since May of 2011 we’ve also started to work with other types of technology equipments, and made happy our customers.

Our aim!

We aim to be ‘the number 1’ Online Service Center for everyone in Azerbaijan.

Our mission!

‘Online Service Center’ remains to follow the requirements of bazaar and keeps working on presenting the best quality.


Benefits –always give more profit than customer’s expectation

Concern – pay attention and take care of our customers

Civilization – number 1 in Azerbaijan

Prosperity – keep up with updates

Simplicity – easy to use


We are trying to create a relationship based on mutual respect. Each employee deserves to get a respect for his efforts in order to reach our aim.


As in all companies there are the determining fundamental principles and rules of our policy that we apply in different situations. All of these help us to see more clearly the restrictions and barriers on our way of service.

Work style

Considering that we are a rapidly growing company we constantly identifying and trying to improve work processes. In order to become first in comparison to our opponents and improving our work quality, we profit leading experiences that implemented in the world as much as possible.

Our Projects

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